Grade 2 Language Arts

Creating independent readers and instilling a love of reading and literature are primary goals in second grade. Our reading program is literature-based, using leveled texts. Small group instruction focuses on developing sight words, sound-symbol knowledge, decoding and encoding skills and comprehension strategies. By the end of second grade, students progress from learning to read to reading to learn.

Students begin to see themselves as authors who can write confidently, clearly, and creatively. Writing workshops begin with mini-lessons on grammar, mechanics, or style. Students learn how to plan and draft a story, how to have a writing conference with a teacher or a classmate, how to edit and revise, and how to produce a final piece of writing.


Our second grade students will:

  • understand the concept of a sentence and a story
  • identify and use phonic generalizations appropriately
  • use context clues to help decode and understand meaning of text
  • self-correct when comprehension is compromised
  • recognize sight words in the environment and in text
  • retell text with accuracy and detail
  • organize and sequence events
  • identify and summarize main ideas
  • identify supporting details
  • predict outcomes
  • define new vocabulary through context clues
  • draw conclusions
  • differentiate fact from opinion
  • work on making inferences
  • understand story structure: setting, main character, goal, problem, solution, and resolution
  • understand cause and effect
  • compare and contrast information
  • recognize style


Our second grade students will:

  • contribute to class experience charts
  • write using standard uppercase and lowercase letter forms
  • use sound/symbol correspondences to write words in phonetic spelling
  • write increasingly complex sentences
  • write ideas in a meaningful sequence
  • use the strategies of the writing process such as planning, drafting, revising, and editing
  • share writing and receive feedback
  • incorporate suggestions from peers and teachers in their writing
  • add fiction writing to their writing genre repertoire 
  • demonstrate an understanding of the process involved in writing research papers

Speaking and Listening

Our second grade students will:

  • demonstrate clear and logical reasoning through oral expression
  • develop appropriate articulation and modulation
  • develop a confidence to speak in a variety of situations
  • develop appropriate ways to interact and communicate with others
  • listen respectfully to others
  • respond meaningfully in conversation
  • follow multi-step verbal instructions
  • recall specific information