David Gordon
David Gordon, Chief Financial and Operations Officer

DavidGordon, Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Winter Already!? How Time Flies When You’re New At Belmont Day

It’s amazing how the seasons have passed so quickly since I joined the Belmont Day team. I arrived in the heat of summer, and in the blink of an eye, here we are, just two weeks from winter break. Having worked for many years in education, I am no stranger to fast falls, but these first months at BDS have been a wonderful blur.

There was no better time to come aboard than summer. The sunny days, the opportunity to meet and create relationships with colleagues, and all the happy campers and counselors filling the campus with their laughs, smiles, and energy. I was greeted with high fives and a limitless feeling of community, and Belmont Day exceeded my expectations from day one.

The summer flew by, and when we opened our doors to students in September, I could not wait to engage and take in everything in my first school year. From my responsibility of keeping an eye on students at dismissal and my travels past classrooms and playing fields, I can see the determination and caring of our students and their teachers and coaches. From my meetings with department heads, trustees, and leadership to set our financial goals and plan for the future, I see the same determination and care focused on bettering the education we provide and the community we create.

Suddenly, the leaves started changing, and just as quickly, the wind picked up and blew those leaves past my office windows. Luckily, just doors away, I have the most amazing teammates—Sarah Barrow and Dale McGhee—to help me run through this whirlwind. Sarah is arguably the world’s best controller. She is patient, supportive, and collaborative at every step. Dale is a true ‘jack of all trades’ and wears many hats. With me, he has been a teacher above all else as I learn to navigate new systems, processes, and procedures. I could not be happier to work with Sarah and Dale. I am also learning that they have long been a dynamic duo here, constantly building up the confidence of others around them throughout the school community.

As with any new job, I was excited and a little nervous when I started during those hot summer days. I was succeeding a person, Fred Colson, whom I respect immensely. I appreciate everyone who has welcomed me here—and a special thank you to my new faculty mentors, Betty Chu Pryor and Liz Parfit. Our lunches and discussions helped to orient me to the school and our community quickly.

It only took a matter of days for me to realize that Belmont Day is a special place with a hardworking, committed, and invested staff. And now, as it feels like it may snow any day, I am proud to be a part of this community and look forward to many seasons ahead of us. I hope to meet more of our families, students, alumni, friends, and neighbors as we walk through the snow, then the mud, and eventually back onto some beautiful green grass.

DavidGordon, Chief Finance and Operations Officer

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