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Brendan Largay, Head of School

BrendanLargay, Head of School

Why I Give

Giving is a statement of our convictions, and these days at Belmont Day, it is impossible not to feel immensely grateful for the generosity of our families, faculty, and students as we begin 2020.

The size alone is a statement, the mountain of donated oatmeal boxes—all destined for Pine Street Inn to support their work providing the homeless with a warm meal, a friendly face, and a reminder of our shared humanity. This growing collection of oatmeal is a reminder of the power of giving to a worthy cause, especially on the heels of the holiday season, when our culture of commercialism can overwhelm us with advertising for the material things we might receive or give.

The magic of giving—whether in the form of oatmeal, a special holiday gift, or a contribution to Belmont Day’s annual fund—is rooted in the spirit of supporting people and causes that advance our values of respect, caring, and responsibility. Our giving reflects our priorities: caring for the less fortunate, lifting the spirits of others, or supporting a faculty and staff that gives selflessly on behalf of our students.

Each passing year offers the opportunity to reflect on why I give; ultimately, it is because I believe in the purpose of giving as profoundly as I care for the recipients of the gift. I give back to those places in my life where I find my values reaffirmed—the institutions that seek to extend those values out into the world and further affect positive change.

If you have already helped your child donate to the oatmeal competition or have contributed to our annual fund for the 2019-2020 school year, please know that your gift is making a difference, and we are truly grateful for it.

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BrendanLargay, Head of School

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