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The BDS Story, Chapter 2

The BDS Story, Chapter 2

It was wonderful to welcome so many of you at Back-to-School Night last Thursday. I am awed and delighted by the thoughtful responses to the “in-class assignment” I gave you all that night. In my first Scoop article I shared some data about our faculty’s answers to the question “What is the BDS Story?” The answers you provided—now on display in the Gallery—align precisely with those given by the faculty. 

These are the characteristics your identified as intrinsic parts of Belmont Day:

  • students-centered; individualized learning experiences for every student
  • deep appreciation of community and values
  • excellent teaching faculty

Here are some of your expressions of the BDS story:

“Warm community to nurture a love of learning and sense of community; creating the base for a future of goodness.”

“BDS is a place where children come first. It is a place where colleagues are celebrated for all the creative ways they bring learning to the classroom. It is a community in the truest sense of the word.”

“It’s a very rigorous and also a very supportive school where faculty have high expectations of students and students rise to meet those expectations.”

“BDS is the only place that greets us every day with warmth, enthusiasm, joy, and love when we walk in the door.”

And parents called out a fourth characteristic—magic:

“My BDS Story: What’s the Magic? My daughter entered at grade five and returned home every day reborn! Full of joy, smiles, and chattering with stories of new friends. We found her, and she found herself again—she is once more an engaged, happy, curious, and supported learner.”

There’s a lot to say about what makes BDS great. As we move forward together through the school year, watch The Scoop for more installments of the BDS Story, Parents’ Edition.

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