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Mary Merrill
Mary Merrill, Director of Development and Amy Sprung, Librarian

Mary, Director of Development

Paddle Up for a Re-Imagined Erskine Library

The essential and foundational partnership between home and school is expressed in myriad ways at Belmont Day. Every parent in the community contributes to the strength of this partnership—from cheering on their child on the playing fields or encouraging them through challenging homework, supporting teachers as grade parents, contributing time and resources, and serving in leadership roles on the parents’ association or board of trustees.*

There are many expressions of the home-school partnership—few are as vibrant and joyful as the parents’ association auction. As you’ve heard, the Paddle Up portion of this year’s Wonder Auction will support the Erskine Library renovation project.

The enthusiasm around the project is palpable. Students, parents, faculty, and alumni are beginning to envision how rethinking the library space can connect our community members with the critical resources they need to become effective users of ideas and information.

The new plan designates areas for collaboration, large and small group instruction, and quiet reading. By enhancing the utility and flow of the space, parts of the collection that have previously been hidden will be more accessible and the heart of our school will become even more vital to student learning.

At a time when information literacy instruction and access to accurate information has become increasingly challenging due to a complex and constantly shifting digital landscape, focusing on our inspirational library space is crucial. We aspire to help all students excel at searching, reading, evaluating, critiquing, connecting, and informing, and the new Erskine Library will enable this important work to flourish. Additionally, as we expand our middle school, the library too must shift in order to be more welcoming to all students and allow them to see themselves reflected in this space and its collections.

Thank you for your support of this project and the future learners and leaders of the Belmont Day School community.

*Don’t miss the upcoming reception and annual corporation meeting on Thursday, May 16 to recognize and appreciate the service of retiring trustees and PA leadership.

Mary, Director of Development

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