No One Reads the Scoop

Actually, the headline here is not entirely accurate. Turns out, many people do. In fact, of the folks who filled out last spring’s parent survey, 105 respondents said they read the Scoop weekly. The statistics provided by MailChimp, the email tool we use for the Scoop, confirms this and shows that 69.7% of parents are weekly readers. So, what gives? Why is the perception that “no one reads the Scoop” even a thing? Well, if data is to be believed, it is because there’s reading the Scoop and then there’s reading the Scoop. Let me clarify: if I read the Message from the Head, then, technically, I have read the Scoop. However, if I leave it there, the question remains…have I taken advantage of the benefits of fully reading the Scoop?

Consider that every week you will find:

  • perspectives from the capital campaign co-chairs on the Raise Y[our] Voice Campaign, how the Barn will benefit students, where we are in our fundraising efforts, and why campaigns matter in the life of a school
  • news of the middle school athletics program that this year boasts one of its most successful fall season win-loss records
  • news about community service, our diversity work, sustainability, and faculty professional development
  • information about coming events like the State of the School or a time change a school-wide event
  • for our student readers—the lunch menu

While I am grateful that folks are eager to hear what’s on my mind—and there is more and more on my mind as we near the issuance of a permit for our building project—there is other important and relevant information there as well. The Scoop is the school’s primary vehicle for communication home for school-wide initiatives, events, and news.  

The Friday folder is intended to provide each family with the ‘boots-on-the-ground’ experience of the classroom. What work is happening in the day-to-day for my child? How are they doing on math homework or developing as a writer? The Friday folder is where you will find information to help you understand the lived experience of your child in their classroom. The Scoop, by comparison, is intended to provide you with a broader perspective: What are the big picture moments happening in the school and what is coming down the pike?

Effective communication lies at the heart of the excellence we aim to provide our students every day. It is your window into the life of the school—from the nitty gritty of parent volunteer opportunities to the aspirational work we are doing with students. The Scoop is your window into it all, and I hope reading it will be something you do every week. And the next time someone suggests that “no one reads the Scoop”—assuming you are among the 69.7% who read this—please feel free to explain why that sentiment is not entirely accurate.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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