Anderson Santos
Anderson Santos, Director of Operations

AndersonSantos, Director of Operations

Making Each Season Shine At Belmont Day

The cover is off, and the pool is shimmering again under the sun. The transition from spring to summer and from school to camp is underway, quietly building momentum through the work of a crew that keeps us constantly moving smoothly and safely through the days, weeks, and seasons at Belmont Day.

I’m entering my third decade at BDS and helping to ensure that each season flows into the next. As the director of operations, I am proud to work with a team of professionals committed to creating an environment where our community of students, faculty, campers, and counselors can thrive.

Today, we are on the doorstep of summer. But each new summer camp season at Belmont Day starts before the last campers head off to school in the fall. Director of Summer Programs Zach d’Arbeloff and his team work year-round to lay the foundations for a successful camp season. Our summer programs—packed into ten weeks each year—are vital to community building and the school’s overall financial well-being. For over 75 years, Belmont Day Summer Camp has provided a distinct, joyful, and educational experience for our campers, future leaders, and staff.

Each fall, our students return, inevitably accompanied by coughs, colds, and even a few bumps and bruises. Our school nurses are on the front line to care for our community with calm and wisdom. It is a huge undertaking to be responsible for the health and well-being of a school with over 300 students and 100 adults. School nurse Lauren Connors and part-time nurse Kelly Williams skillfully work to protect us and get us on the mend. In the few years that I have had the pleasure of overseeing the nurse’s office, I have learned so much about the science and art of the nurse’s role, and I am in awe of their dedication and expertise.

When winter descends, and ice and snow threaten to make each step to our doors dangerous, our buildings and grounds team is here before the sun. Steve Nichols, Greg Paquette, and Soren Nelson wear excellence on their sleeves. Whether in a thick winter coat or a t-shirt, this team is always ready for changes in the elements and the needs of our educational and community programs. From setting up the Barn for a 300-person event, directing overflow traffic one minute, mowing fields, and making facilities repairs the next, they’re in constant motion. And through it all, they welcome every heavy lift with light hearts and good humor.

Our school’s operations rely on the collaboration of so many people within our community and beyond. Whether it’s student transportation, safety planning and training, facility rentals, or campus updates and organization, we’re working to build relationships and set challenging goals to meet our future educational needs and commitments to innovation and sustainability. I appreciate everyone who has a hand in this process through every season.

I’m again thinking about the pool and its cooling water. Like summer, we can’t jump just yet, but very soon! May your spring bloom beautifully into summer, and we’ll see you in the fall!

AndersonSantos, Director of Operations

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