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Happy Mother?s Day

“Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.” – Sir Bernard Williams

It is impossible for me to separate my childhood upbringing from my earliest days of education.  The reliance on the relationship between school and home was and will forever be critical in the successful academic and emotional development and growth of children. Perhaps that is why Belmont Day—a school founded by parents, and in particular, a group of dedicated mothers—aligns so well with my own belief about the importance of that relationship. There has, perhaps, been no greater teacher to me than my own mother. I honor the equally intertwined and invaluable role that each Belmont Day mother has in her child’s upbringing and education.

Whether it be the reassuring cadence of reading bedtime stories, joyful greetings at the end of each day, encouragement and engaged listening, or the commitment to hard work at home and in the workforce, each mother expresses, in all that she does, the love that scaffolds her child’s journey, allowing them to be their very best at school. I have the lucky vantage point to witness the connections between mothers and children play out every day. The quick “have a great day” at drop-off, the subtle nod of support given by a faculty parent to their child, the joyful participation at sharing assemblies and visiting days are all done with their child’s nurturing, learning, and growth in mind.

As Mother’s Day approaches and we conclude Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Visiting Day, I wish to all our Belmont Day mothers—and grandmothers—the happiest of Mother’s Days and thank you for all that you do to support the children. As my mother has reminded me in the raising of my own children, “When they need you, you will know. And when you need them, you will know then, too.” It is upon that mutual need and mutual support that Belmont Day was founded ninety years ago, and it is a partnership that continues to thrive today. (I guess, Sir Williams was right… sooner or later…)

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, one and all.

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