Jessica Halton
Jessica Halton, Director of Development

JessicaHalton, Director of Development

Belmont Day School Is ‘Where I Am Meant To Be’

My head buzzed with excitement as I drove up Day School Lane on a wet, wintry evening. How fortunate was I to gain a preview of the community I was about to join? To observe the magic I’d been hearing about.

All expectations were exceeded. The Winter Concert was my first real experience of the joy and excellence that defines this community. As the first words lifted from the mouths of the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes, I got goosebumps and saw the smiling eyes that flooded the Downing Gymnasium. I was transported. This is where I belonged. 

As the evening progressed, I watched parents shuffling little ones who had started to tire, excusing themselves as needed. I witnessed the collective support and understanding from fellow parents. “We’ve all been there,” you could almost hear. Followed by an, “I miss those days,” and a reassuring smile. I saw the village. I felt part of the village. Even before I had officially joined it.

I was especially moved by the passion and dedication of the music faculty. The way they enthusiastically and seamlessly bounced from position to position at the foot of the stage, like the musical notes that dotted the pages before them. They were quietly, yet masterfully in charge. 

And most magnificent of all? The students. Yes, their voices were sweet and their playing was well-rehearsed, but the joy and hope they elicited from that audience–from me–was profound. “This is what matters,” I could hear myself say. “This is where I am meant to be.” 

As I depart Day School Lane at the close of my first month at BDS on another wet, wintry evening, I am so thankful for the many ways in which you, your children, and my wonderful colleagues have so warmly welcomed me into this special community and brought me joy. 

I can’t wait for the second month to begin! Thank you, BDS.

And if you’re reading this and we haven’t had the opportunity to chat yet, I so look forward to meeting you. I’m working my way around to say hi to everyone, but if I haven’t caught you yet, my office is just off the PAC. Please stop by anytime!

JessicaHalton, Director of Development

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