Be Prepared: Learning During the Pandemic

Be Prepared: Reopening Plan for Fall 2021

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Belmont Day parents, faculty, trustees, and students provided a critical resource of care for one another during a demanding school year. During the summer of 2020 and throughout the fall more than 100 administrators, faculty, and parents with areas of expertise in everything from infectious disease to mRNA to ventilation to reimagining best practices for learning engaged in extensive research, planning, evaluation, and assessment to prepare for the 2020-21 school year. Their efforts ensured that the school kept community health and safety at the forefront while preserving our mission to inspire and challenge each student. Belmont Day is dedicated to delivering excellence no matter the format of teaching and learning or the phase of the pandemic. Flexibility has been the key to our success. We are grateful to our community for its support of the school.

Looking Ahead

A core group of administrators, faculty, and trustees has continued the essential work of preparing for the reopening of school in the face of the ongoing pandemic. This fall protocols document highlights plans for September to Thanksgiving break.

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Planning Leadership Team
Important principles inform and guide our work.

A Planning Mindset

Important principles inform and guide our work.

Guiding Principles and Goals