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Open Forum on COVID-19

Members of the Belmont Day administrative team and school nurse Liz LaRocque will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns about the potential impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19 at Belmont Day School.

Arts News, February 27

Students Develop Range of Woodworking Skills

The woodworking studio teaches lessons across a broad range of students each day. In first grade, students recently completed work on some very colorful pencil holders which they designed and created. Students in grades seven and eight are making progress on learning the intricate art of wood carving. Check out the photos to see the students' progress!

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Pre-kindergarten Visiting Morning

Weekly experiences in the woods surrounding campus are an integral component of the pre-k program. We are eager for parents to observe their children in this environment. 

Children at this age often find great comfort in the woods. The towering trees have a way of creating a sense of protection that be settling for children. For this reason, it is not uncommon to observe students navigate the environment with an air of confidence. It is often in the woods where students begin to take appropriate risks, whether it is climbing on a fallen tree or discovering new playmates. 

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Arts News, February 6

Mural Helps Set the Scene in Fourth Grade​

Fourth grade is creating a mural in their classroom, a collaboration between the art teacher and social studies teacher. Earlier this year, the students were given the challenge to create a design for a backdrop for the storytelling corner that is set up in their classroom year-round. The storytelling traditions of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, and creative writing are all part of the fourth grade curriculum.