Our Voices

Our Faculty and Parents raise their VOICES

"The opportunity of a new building pushes us to think more broadly about our curriculum, about what we are doing and why, and then to ask what if? It invites our creative, passionate faculty to engage with purpose and momentum in conversations that imagine potential learning experiences. It's also an opportunity for us to reconnect with our history, to revisit our values and founding principals, and to discover how best to impart these beliefs to our students." 

Deborah Brissenden P '07, Assistant Head of School and
Director of Curriculum and Instruction


"I've been thinking a lot about how we teach children to communicate, and in particular how we nurture generous and active listening: how do we teach them to listen and to truly hear one another? Project-based work, small-group instruction, peer-to-peer conversations: these are the instructional approaches by which an initially small idea gets bigger because children's ideas expand through cooperation and collaboration. Flexibility and space encourage this learning; it invites innovation, and shows us what is possible." 

- Nancy Fell, Grade 2 Teacher

"What is so exciting about the new building is being able to connect this community investment to the curriculum and the student experience. Promoting sustainability and stewardship in the way we're imagining aligns so well with the BDS values. To have our children study in a space that reflects the values we are promoting is just so exciting. It's absolutely consistent with the culture at Belmont Day." 

Sasha Ebrahimi, Parent

"The gym, the court, the field: these are the classrooms for Belmont Day athletes and coaches. These are the spaces where our athletes practice essential skills, learn the value of teamwork, and explore their potential. The Barn will provide the facilities and flexibility our coaches need to continue to support the development of the confident athletes and leaders that emerge from the Belmont Day athletics program." 

- John O'Neill, Director of Athletics