Be a Donor.

Belmont Day is a community of learners who come together each day to nurture and guide the social, academic, and artistic lives of our students, grounded in the six values of respect, honesty, responsibility, caring, joy, and excellence. Belmont Day has grown and continues to grow to meet the needs of our student body and a dedicated faculty and staff.

The tuition of an independent school rarely covers the actual cost of the education of a student. This is true at Belmont Day. On average, the annual cost of a Belmont Day School education is $3,500 above the cost of tuition. Schools strive to keep tuition within reach of most families and work to find other sources of income. The gap is filled in large part through generous donations from our community members—parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, foundations, and friends.

There are numerous ways to support Belmont Day, including, but not limited to:

We hope you will consider being a donor this year and showing your support for Belmont Day. Thank you for your consideration.