The Belmont Day Difference

There are numerous benefits to choosing Belmont Day as the place to complete your teacher training and preparation.

  • If you got your degree solely at Lesley University, you would teach for four months in one classroom. At Belmont Day, you are in two classroom placements for a total of eight months.
  • By design, we have a small cohort of associate teachers, so the program coordinator is able to observe your teaching a few times a week. Your cooperating teacher in the classroom coaches you every day. The program director also meets with each associate teacher, one-on-one, at least once a week to check in and share observations, concerns, goals, and experiences.
  • Lesley charges more than twice the amount of money per credit as Belmont Day. As a result, you can earn your degree for less money through our program, as you will take 18 credits at Lesley and 21 credits at Belmont Day School.
  • You have the opportunity to earn a stipend for coaching, working in the after school program, or being a staff member for vacation camp.
  • Belmont Day has a unique program to train you to prepare for and run parent conferences. Staff members volunteer their time to participate in the training and role-play parents while you run a conference based on a student profile you write.
  • We provide job search support, including resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and model lesson critique.
  • We have an excellent food service here on campus. As an associate teacher you get to enjoy breakfast and lunch for free every day.
  • Belmont is a neighboring town of Cambridge and Waltham, both cities that offer numerous affordable apartments. Belmont Day is also within a short walk to a MBTA bus line and a train line.