Associate Teachers

The Belmont Day School Associate Teacher Program offers an exciting opportunity for a one-year teacher residency. In collaboration with Lesley University's Graduate School of Education, the program prepares prospective teachers for early childhood education or elementary education teaching positions. Graduates of the program complete requirements for a Master's of Education degree as well as Massachusetts teacher certification.

Associate teachers spend the year at Belmont Day working in two semester-long classroom placements. Alongside Belmont Day faculty, they teach in all subject areas. Associate teachers also attend seminars conducted by Belmont Day faculty and complete additional coursework at Lesley University. It is an intensive program—lasting twelve to fourteen months—but it is the best way to get preparation for a teaching career.

At Belmont Day, associate teachers are important and valued members of our classrooms and beyond as they often serve as athletics coaches, after school teachers, and summer program staff. Associate teachers are an integral part of our school community and are appreciated as such—by parents who realize the incredible value of additional classroom support for their children, by staff who thrive off the new energy and excitement associate teachers bring to our halls, by the faculty who enjoy the opportunity to mentor and share their knowledge and help shape the next generation of educators, and, of course, by the students who benefit immensely from the associate teachers' enthusiasm, diverse and fresh perspectives, and love of learning.

Why be a Belmont Day School Associate Teacher?
  1. 42 mentors
  2. Watch sticky situations handled by experts.
  3. Be enchanted by real children who remind you why you want to spend your life doing this.
  4. Learn that good classroom management enables great teaching. And that great teaching enables good classroom management.
  5. Experience opportunities to hear experts talk about their decisions and have them listen to yours.
  6. Learn how to be a community member as well as a classroom teacher.
  7. Be immersed in a place where curriculum is nurtured and developed into excellent instruction.
  8. Be inspired by your students at assemblies, plays, athletic competitions, and working on projects.
  9. Learn what skills in the service of problem solving and critical thinking look like.
  10. See firsthand how to build healthy relationships with colleagues, parents, students, and your associate teacher cohort.
The Belmont Day Difference

There are numerous benefits to choosing Belmont Day as the place to complete your teacher training and preparation. Read more 

Be Prepared - The Academic Program

The associate teacher program combines a ten-month classroom apprenticeship with a full year of graduate study. The academic portion of the program typically spans 14 months, beginning the summer before associates begin their classroom placements, and culminating with a master's degree in either early childhood education or elementary education. Lesley University's program offers flexibility in the timing of courses; some students complete their degrees in May, while others continue their courses into the second summer of the program. Read more 

Be Hired - Placement and Support

The Belmont Day School Associate Teacher Program has trained more than 80 committed and passionate teachers since it began in 1992. Program graduates are uniquely prepared for teaching positions in public, charter, and independent schools, and our associates are sought out and hired by a variety of wonderful academic institutions. Our associate teachers have gone on to become outstanding educators who consistently make a difference in and impact on the lives of students across the country. Read more 

Process and Timeline

Want to be here? Apply! A successful candidate for the associate teacher program should be passionate about teaching, have a strong rationale for pursuing a career in the field, perform well under pressure, and be able to take initiative. Previous teaching experience is not a requirement, since the associate teacher program is designed to provide experience for pre-service teachers. However, applicants who have worked with children in either formal or informal settings frequently make strong candidates. Read more 

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A Belmont Day associate teacher is someone who can:

  • Be present, be curious, and dig in. Go to all the classrooms and observe. Go to the specialists' classes. Go watch the coaches and teams in practices and games after school. Go and dig in, observe, ask questions, and soak it in. Belmont Day is perhaps your one and only chance in your teaching career to have carte-blanche access to teaching across the board.
  • Be open. Stay calm and carry on...and in the meantime...enjoy!
  • Dare to be yourself.

Ready to be part of our diverse and welcoming community of educators? Contact us now!

Heather Woodcock
Director of the Associate Teacher Program