Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Belmont Day School's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the strength of its educational program—a program that is dedicated to academic excellence and intellectual discipline where students feel secure, experience the joys of learning, and know their accomplishments are valued. Continued support of diversity initiatives is overseen by the diversity committee of the board of trustees and the Braiding Different Strands committee, which is composed of parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. These groups take a leadership role in helping to make the school a place where equity and justice prevail.

By representing all constituencies within the community, these two committees works collaboratively with the head of school and the board at large to enhance open dialogue and cooperative actions that further the school's diversity mission. Braiding Different Strands has created a collection of library materials; has organized book groups, workshops, and diversity training for faculty, parents, and students; hosted speakers to discuss a variety of diversity-related topics; and created action teams that focus on admissions, student and adult affinity groups, case studies, diversity training, and faculty recruitment and retention. The committee also periodically partners with other committees such as the health and wellness, library, enrichment, and book fair committees to further the mission of the school.

In 2014 Belmont Day hosted the AISNE Middle School Students of Color Conference and in 2019, hosted the AISNE Middle School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference; each year, Belmont Day students choose to attend these conferences.

Through the efforts of everyone involved—administration, faculty, staff, and students of all ages and their families—our diversity of perspectives and backgrounds are woven together to create a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.  

Diversity Mission Statement

At Belmont Day School, we believe that a foundation of excellence in education is a diverse community where children and adults understand, appreciate, and celebrate differences. Through the process of recognizing and discussing differences, we discover similarities, shared values, and common goals. These shared values and goals are woven into our curriculum, which fosters critical thinking skills and empathy in our students and prepares them to enter a diverse world with responsibility and pride.

Belmont Day School welcomes people of all races, religions, family configurations, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, economic backgrounds, and cultural identities. We work together to nurture a community where listening, open dialogue, humor, and respect thrive.