90 Years of Alumni

As a proud Belmont Day alumna, I am thrilled to be reaching out to you as as we enter the school’s 90th celebration year.  This is a wonderful milestone for our school, and alumni are an integral part of the history, events, and celebrations being planned for throughout the upcoming school year.

The BDS story continues to be written, and I encourage you to visit campus during our 90th celebration year and to reminisce and reconnect with the place that provided our educational foundation. I take great pleasure in reconnecting with Belmont Day through my role on the Alumni and Friends Council, and I am thrilled to tell you that Belmont Day is still the same school we all remember—expanded, improved, and equipped for 21st century teaching and learning. The school’s athletics, arts, and extracurricular programming continue to strengthen each year, and a thoughtfully evolving curriculum ensures that each student’s needs are met.

As we enter our tenth decade, the future of Belmont Day looks brighter each and every day. At the heart of so much positive change remains the school’s core values of honesty, caring, joy, responsibility, respect, and excellence, all of which are embodied by students, faculty, and alumni.

Johanna Mendillo '90, Chair, Alumni & Friends Council

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