Thank You Poem from PA VP Elliot Targum

Thank you for your help, you fantastic volunteers
From the start you welcomed families with warmth and good cheers
In Fall functions you helped the new folks allay all their fears
Then you REALLY got to know them over Novemberfest beers

The success of this year is truly due to you
From an enrichment kangaroo
to a hospitable halloween ‘boo’
(don’t forget the back-to-school goodies too!)

Be Appreciative

Thank You
Thank you to Westcott Mercantile for loaning the BDS Barn Raising decorating team so many amazing items for Coolidge Hall! If you would like to visit Westcott Mercantile, they have two Belmont locations: Cushing Square and Belmont Center (in the space formerly known as Marmalade).

Support Local Business for Belmont Appreciation Day, Friday, May 20

Friday, May 20
Belmont Day community members are invited to come support local business by visiting Belmont shops, restaurants, and other local businesses on Friday, May 20. Our business neighbors help us as regular vendors who deliver to the school or provide a place for us to consume excellent local fare. In appreciation please consider wearing a “B” sticker and shopping near the school.