Looking Ahead to the State of the School

Brendan Largay, Head of School
Post Date: November 2nd, 2018

Happy November! Hard to believe it is here so soon. I hope that Halloween was a fun and joyful day for those that celebrated.

This week’s comments will be brief, with a preview of the State of School that will take place next Thursday, November 8 at 6 p.m. We hope that you will join us in Coolidge Hall, or follow the live stream on Facebook.

The topics I plan to cover:

  • Feedback from last year's parent survey, where we are excelling, and where we have room to grow.
  • What are heads of school across the country thinking about these days and why does that matter here at BDS?
  • What does life look like at BDS today, with our new divisional structure and changed middle school design?
  • What does life at BDS look like once the Barn is open for business?
  • Steps we are taking to chart the next dynamic steps in the school’s path forward. What are the major influencers on those decisions?

Last year, the first time we hosted the State of the School, about 100 or so parents and faculty turned up, and together we imagined what the future of the school might look like before a single shovel had been placed in the ground. Today, there is a beautiful new building on the cusp of opening. It’s difficult not to seize the convenience of that metaphor—dreams becoming reality before our very eyes.

So, join me on Thursday as we continue to dream big for our school, our students, and their bright futures.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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