Homegrown-The Belmont Day Auction

Homegrown Auction FAQ’s

1. When is the auction? How do I RSVP? When is the deadline?
The Homegrown Community Gathering and Auction is Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 6 p.m. The RSVP deadline was Monday, April 10.  

2.  Are children invited to the auction?
The auction is an adult-only event. All attendees must be over 21.

3. What is “rustic cocktail” attire?
Think “rustic elegance” or what you might wear to a “rustic wedding.” You could pair boots with a dress or wear heels. You could don sequins or lace. Men can wear a tie and jacket or open collar. Rustic refinement and traditional cocktail attire are both appropriate.

4. I forgot to buy Head for a Day or Video Star raffle tickets. Can I buy them on the night of the auction?
No. Friday, April 28 will be the last day for purchasing these two raffles. Purchase your raffle tickets here. You do not have to be in attendance to win.   

5. Will I be able to preview the items before the event?
Yes! Printed catalogs will be sent home with your student the week of April 24. Additionally, the silent auction section will open online on Friday, April 28 at 8 a.m., allowing you to peruse the section and start bidding prior to the event. (For more details about mobile bidding, please refer to “How Mobile Bidding Works”.)

6. I hear the auction is going mobile. What does this mean?
You will be using your smartphone to place your bids. There will not be any paper bidding sheets at the event.

7. My smartphone does not work in the gym. How am I supposed to bid?
The amount of data transfer occurring during the bidding is quite small and the connections are short. The online site loads and responds quickly with only one bar of service across cellular networks.

8. What if I do not have a smartphone?
There will be iPad bidding kiosks available on-site with volunteers to assist with bidding and questions.

9. If the auction is online and I can bid from home, why should I come to the event?
Only the silent auction section is available by mobile bidding. To participate in the live auction, additional raffles, and  Paddle Up, you must be in attendance at the auction on April 29. If you would like to have a proxy bidder on your behalf, please contact Director of Development Mary Merrill.

10. I don’t plan on bidding on much. Why should I come?
In addition to raising money for the school, the auction is a social event where parents, teachers, and staff come together to celebrate our school. Come enjoy a fun evening and the company of our wonderful community. This event only comes around every two years!