News and Updates

December 14

Sharing Assembly in the Barn Gym, 8:50 a.m.

December 13

Barn Opening Celebration, 6 to 8 p.m.

December 12

Our first basketball games were hosted this afternoon in the Barn gym! We’ve compressed the week-plus of hard work painting the floor into a one-minute video. Thank you to everyone who made this special day possible. We hope to see you all on our new home courts very soon!

December 10

Arts, innovation, and woodworking classes begin in the Barn.

December 1, 2018

The Certificate of Occupancy was received from the Town of Belmont!

November 8, 2018

Exterior work

  • PV array layout and construction is underway; completion is expected in two weeks, weather permitting
  • Front and side concrete walkways to be completed by November 16
  • Landscaping to be completed by November 16
  • Final paving to be completed November 10
  • Main sign at Day School Lane to be relocated and temporary signage will be added

Interior work

  • Gym floor sanding will take place on November 9 with painting to be complete by November 16
  • Bleacher installation is underway
  • Mechanical commissioning underway to be complete by November 16
  • Gym wall and column padding begins November 18

Interior work, November 12

  • Walk-off mat installation 
  • Basketball equipment final adjustment 
  • Final building cleaning begins
  • Lighting commissioning complete; punch list begins
  • Interior punch list begins 
  • Final inspections begins

Saturday, October 27
New England Seal Coatings, Inc. will be on campus to seal all driveways and parking lots—these areas must be empty of vehicles.

October 26

Construction progress update for the next three weeks.

Exterior work

  • Final grading around the building and walkways to prepare for concrete walkway 
  • Installing all landscaping around the Barn and along the driveway
  • Boulder placing is complete
  • Loam and seeding to be completed next week
  • Bollard lights to be completed next week
  • Final paving of upper and lower lots will take place from November 6 to 10
  • B&G trailer to be moved for paving

Interior work

  • Fire alarm testing next week
  • AV installation is complete and ready for testing next week
  • MEP commissioning under way
  • Furniture arrival and installation starts next week
  • Gym floor lay-down and installation is under way; sanding scheduled for the week of November 12; lines and varnish the following week; completion expected during the week of November 19
  • Punch list to start week of November 5
  • Owner's training and operation week of November 19

October 3

Construction progress update for the next three weeks.

Exterior work

  • The concrete sidewalk and entry plaza at the Barn and will be completed the week of October 9
  • Back filling process around the building and prepping for top soil is underway
  • Pouring concrete and adding plantings will begin at the east side and proceed clockwise around the building
  • PV array components are on site and installation will begin in the next two weeks on the east side of the gym roof
  • On October 5, weather permitting, Archery Field and Far Field will be hydro-seeded
  • Plantings along driveway will be added on October 15, weather permitting
  • Final coat of paving will be laid on the upper and lower parking lots on October 27

Interior work

  • HVAC in the field house is complete
  • Sprinkler lines are charged and pressurized; pressure testing underway
  • Electrical finishes complete
  • Gym ceiling panels install underway
  • Gym wood floor to arrive October 9, followed by floor prep on October 10 and and installation the following week
  • Painting is ongoing in field house and head house
  • Electrical finishes in the head house are underway
  • Store front for entry vestibule expected by October 13
  • Air handlers for the building are operating
  • AV equipment installation has started and will continue through the month
  • Cleaning building sections begins on October 10.
  • Carpet installation begins on October 15
  • First furniture delivery will take place on October 18
  • Basketball equipment installation will be complete by early next week

Stay tuned for more exciting news as we complete our project!

September 12

Construction progress update for the next three weeks.

Exterior work

  • Completion of field house roof early next week
  • Archery Field seeding and irrigation completed by end of next week, weather permitting
  • Exterior trim at head house complete by end of next week
  • Construction site trailer leaving on September 21
  • Store front windows and door openers complete by September 24
  • Site work around building and connector to walkway to start on or about September 21 

Interior work

  • Overhead gym doors 100% complete
  • Plumbing complete and final inspection in two weeks
  • Electrical fixtures at ceiling grid locations complete
  • Light fixtures in gym are hung and working
  • Mechanical start up by end of next week
  • Fan and door motors to be completed by end of month
  • Head house finishes complete by end of next week
  • Toilet partitions and accessories complete by end of next week
  • Basketball equipment arrived on site and install will be complete by end of next week

On the horizon

  • Gym floor installation to start beginning of October
  • Clerestory windows complete by end of September
  • Door hardware complete by beginning of October
  • Top coat paving will take place Saturday and Sunday, October 6-7 
  • Seal coat of parking and other paved surfaces will take place Saturday and Sunday, October 6-7 

August 16

  • The exterior siding at the head house is almost complete. We are finishing up with roof and fascia trim pieces as well as trim around the windows.
  • The corner windows in one of the art studios have been installed to seal the building and be ready for the installation of millwork.
  • The elevator platform and rails are in, and the elevator is operating. The cab will be built over the next couple of weeks.
  • Tiling has started in the bathrooms, and finish paint will be starting after millwork install is complete.
  • The field house work is moving along, with HVAC install and electrical. We will be proceeding with the roof install over the next couple of weeks which will then allow us to close up the building and start putting up sheetrock around the perimeter of the gym.
  • On the exterior we are moving forward with work along the new driveway and in particular filling out the driveway edges and adding plantings.  
  • To ensure the safety of the stone wall, mortared joints will be added to its top layers.
  • Stripping the existing pavement at upper and lower lots will begin. and carry the work into Archery with a new binder course. The final top coat of paving is expected to be installed during the second week of October. At that time we will also seal coat and patch Coolidge parking lot and Coolidge Way.
  • Far field will be aerated.

August 9

It has been a busy few weeks. The building envelope is shaping up. Binder has been placed at the driveway—a porous asphalt which drains surface water instead of shedding it onto Concord Avenue. Installation of mechanical systems are underway inside the Barn allowing for installation of millwork to begin in the woodshop and innovation studios. 

July 23

Work is ongoing to seal the building envelope this week with exterior siding being installed around the Barn.

July 16

Road Work Rescheduled

Due to the weather forecast for Tuesday, July 17, our subcontractors postponed the scheduled work on Concord Avenue. The work will now be performed on Wednesday, July 18. The work is expected to be completed in one day. Concord Avenue will be open to local traffic only between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Access to the campus will be via Concord Avenue from Belmont Center.

July 16

Road Closure on Tuesday, July 17

Our subcontractors will be working on Concord Avenue to repair a pavement patch that settled with the recent rains. The project is expected to be completed in one day. Concord Avenue will be open to local traffic only between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Access to the campus will be via Concord Avenue from Belmont Center.

July 12

Please be informed that our subcontractors will again be working on Concord Avenue—either on Monday, July 16, or Tuesday, July 17—to repair a patch of pavement that settled due to the recent rains. The project will be completed within the day. Concord Avenue will be open only to local traffic between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. As soon as we receive confirmation on the selected day for the work, we will provide an update here. 

July 5

The next neighbor meeting will be held on Monday, July 30 at 6:30 p.m. in Coolidge Hall. Come for updates on the construction progress.

Current and projected work for the next three weeks includes:

Site Work

  • Trenching of Concord Avenue to connect to power is complete. Final paving of the trench will be completed on or about July 30.
  • Installation of substrate for the driveway will continue for the next three weeks
  • The porous paving process will begin when substrate installation is complete; paving is expected to last for up to eight days
  • Far Field second hydro-seeding has been completed.
  • Continue with plantings along the driveway
  • Installation of posts and fencing around air handler units
  • Installation of steel edging and stone at Far Field is complete

Field House

  • Continue installation of interior roof structure
  • Installation of roof panels on west end of the building
  • Installation of roof structure components on east end of the building
  • Preparation for three main overhead doors and exterior wall panels around them
  • Connecting main power from Concord Avenue to transformer to power the building

Head House

  • Continue roof panel installation on north side of the building
  • Continue installation of short wall panels begin installation of long wall panels at rear of the building 
  • Install digital fire alarm box for current building
  • Complete electrical rough-in at ground floor and second floor
  • Complete sprinkler rough-in at second floor
  • Complete HVAC rough-in for walls and above ceilings at roof and second floor
  • Complete installation of floor protection sheets on ground floor

July 3

  • Setting the Daikin mechanical units for the variable refrigerant flow​ (VRF) system has begun; the large air handlers are expected to arrive this week.
  • Re-grade and re-seeding the field was required because of recent intense rain storms.
  • Installation of the Varco Pruden Simple Saver fabric and steel beams to support the basketball hoops in the field house.
  • Preparing the driveway sub-grade for porous asphalt; this asphalt driveway will sit on 2’ of crushed stone and act as a leaching field for any surface water so it recharges the ground water and does not run onto Concord Avenue and into the city storm drains.

May 30

Notice: June 25 to 29, Concord Avenue will be closed to through traffic while trenching for underground power connection takes place. Police details will be posted at both ends of Concord Avenue to facilitate access for local traffic and school and camp families.

Visit these websites for details, including hours for the road closure:

Site Work  

  • Final grading and hydro-seeding of Far Field and irrigation
  • Start plantings and landscaping along new driveway
  • Prepare new driveway sub-base and prep for paving in the later part of June

Field House

  • Continue steel erection at east elevation
  • Installation of through wall flashing
  • Painting main rafter frames
  • Pouring slab on grade

Head House

  • Continue with interior partitions and sheet rock at gable ends
  • Plumbing and electrical rough-in at ground floor and first floor
  • Continue installing clips for exterior siding
  • Complete glazing and door installation
  • Polish concrete floor and cover

May 24

Leadership donors took an exciting hard-hat tour of the Barn. Teaching spaces were introduced by faculty who will take residence in the new building once it is complete. Raise Y[our] Voice Capital Campaign Co-chairs Bradley Lewis and Margaret Wade were on hand to recognize the generosity of our community.

May 7

Site Work

  • Continuation of work at Far Field to prepare for new soil, grading, and hydro seeding over the next three weeks
  • Rough grading of the driveway to then start plantings over the next three weeks
  • Work on the electrical duct bank and transformer vault installation
  • Work on electrical underground to the field house

Head House Work​

  • Completion of external insulation installation
  • Installation of vapor barrier
  • Installation of wall panels over the next two weeks
  • Installation of windows begins

Field House Work

  • Erection of roof members continues
  • Painting of frames
  • Erection of insulated wall panels

April 23

Current work includes building a new stone wall along the driveway, grading Far Field, and connecting utilities. This work will impact traffic and parking on campus for the next few weeks starting on Monday, April 30. Parking for parents and visitors will be extremely limited during this period of construction so we encourage all families to plan to remain in their vehicles for drop-off and pick-up.

Traffic Pattern Changes
In the afternoons, the roadway behind the PAC will accommodate two-way traffic for Walkway dismissal; traffic cones will divide the roadway for safety. 

Parent Parking
If it is necessary for parents to come in to school, parking is available:

  • along Coolidge Way in the morning only
  • on Archery Field

Faculty Parking

  • on both sides of the main parking lot
  • behind the PAC, on the building side
  • on Archery Field, which will also be used for construction parking and as an overflow lot

Download the temporary traffic pattern and parking plan map.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

April 20

Concord Avenue is now open to all traffic and campus can be accessed from both the Pleasant Street and Mill Street intersections.

The playground has been refreshed for optimal play! A dirt pit has been added for the digging enjoyment of our youngest students. The access road from the walkway circle will be paved today and ready for students' return to campus after vacation week.

 April 17

UPDATE: Because of the utilities work on Concord Avenue described below, please access campus via Pleasant Street / Concord Avenue from Belmont Center. No access will be allowed from the Mill Street end of Concord Avenue.

April 10

  • Concord Avenue will be closed from Monday, April 16 to Friday April 20
  • FE French, the site subcontractor for the Barn project, has received a permit to connect the school's storm water system to the Town's  
  • In accordance with the permit from the Belmont Police Department, Concord Avenue will be closed to all but local traffic during these hours:
    • Monday: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • Tuesday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Only local traffic will be allowed throughout the construction period

Map of driving detours for Concord Avenue

You can check for further updates as they become available:

March 29

  • Progress on the head house​:
  • Work on under-slab plumbing​ through early next week
  • Work on under-slab electric through early next week
  • Roof blocking, knee walls, and exterior wall framing underway
  • Forming and pouring columns knockouts 

Progress on the field house:

  • Steel arrives for the pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) on March 29 and 30
  • Steel erection of PEMB April 2 to 20

Utilities and site work:

  • Excavation and placement for underground utilities to continue including domestic water service and tie-in to town service​
  • Amending far field soil and work at the stone wall​ along new driveway begins

March 16
The steel frame for the head house is nearly complete!

Steel frame for the head house


  • Steel for the head house will arrive
  • Staging areas for the crane for steel erection work will be set around the perimeter of the building
  • Steel erection will begin with completion expected by end of March
  • Continuing work on excavation of Far Field to install the Cultek drainage chambers; the excavation process confirms that existing chambers are continuing to function properly with no overflow going down the new driveway or to the on-campus overflow
  • Sorting and cleaning soil to rebuild the base of the field
  • Work has started on the building mock-up sample
  • Dry fit re-assembly of the stone wall along the new driveway
  • Power will be brought up the driveway through the duct bank that was installed in January

Looking ahead:

  • By early April we expect the arrival of the steel components for the field house
  • In accordance with the Belmont Police Department, the storm drainage tie-in with the town's system is scheduled for the week of April 16
  • Completion of the last invert for the sewer line on campus during the week of April 16

February 26

Building foundation and back-filling of the building perimeter is complete!

February 12 to 16

  • New driveway opened to construction vehicles only; outside of construction hours, the main access gate from Concord Avenue will remain closed
  • Duct bank and light poles along the new driveway will be completed this week 
  • Catch basin at the foot of driveway has been installed for drainage; binder course on the driveway prevents dirt from spilling onto Concord Avenue
  • Building foundations will be completed by February 20
  • Pouring of last section of foundations and footings for the head house
  • Work begins on the drainage area under Far Field

Looking ahead:

During the week of March 5 we expect arrival of the steel for the head house.

February 5 to 9

  • Pouring of footings and foundations for the east and south walls of the Barn building
  • All interior footings and the elevator pit base have been completed
  • Excavation for the west and north walls are 90% complete
  • Foundation pour is scheduled to be completed by February 18
  • Work on the new driveway continues with excavation for the new water line tie-in
  • Site lighting bases along the driveway have been poured
  • Duct bank for the main power feeder to the Barn is complete
  • Upcoming milestone: begin back-filling to the foundation walls

January 29 to February 3

  • Excavation continues for the remaining strip footings at the head house
  • Excavations for the interior piers and elevator shaft begins
  • Completion of the electrical ductbank at the driveway 
    • Concrete placement – Monday, January 29
  • Begin installation of site lighting conduit and bases at the driveway
  • Opening of the construction entrance off of Concord Avenue by the end of the week (weather dependent)
  • Continue placement of concrete forms and rebar around the field house heading towards the head house
  • Tentative days for placing concrete: (weather dependent)
    • Wednesday, January 31
    • Thursday, February 1

January 27

  • S&F Concrete continues to work on forms and rebar for the field house footings
  • FE French will begin to bring in dense grade for the construction driveway and preparee the entrance from Concord Avenue for asphalt

January 23

A first major milestone was reached: concrete forms and rebar placement began today for foundations at the field house. 

January 18

Construction work on campus includes:

  • At playground and sewer line sections:
    • dense grade the playground to help with the mud and puddling from the thawing and freezing
    • dense grade to the sewer trench at the parking lot and compact
  • Check and clean the temporary faculty and staff parking area to address settling
  • Start on driveway construction
    • Strip and remove top mat and loam
  • Begin utility work (power / site lighting)
  • Continue with footing excavations at the field house and head house
  • Prepare for formwork to begin end-of-week of January 22
  • Continue with sewer line installation
  • Bring the sewer run into the site fence area so that trench outside of fence can be repaved (weather dependent) 

January 15

Construction work on campus includes:

  • Completion of building model for setting of foundation wall and footings and coordination with structural engineers, architect, and manufacturer of the building components.
  • Sewer line has been completed to sewer manhole #2 and drilling for the next section inside the construction fence is 80% complete.
  • New driveway has been cleared of snow and rubbish; stones are being salvaged for stone wall.
  • Proceed with top soil removal, trenching for underground utilities, and placement of duct banks and site lighting if weather permits.
  • Work on Concord Avenue at foot of new driveway to install new drainage structure and power crossing overhead will begin soon; this work must be completed in one week and will require rerouting traffic from Concord Avenue between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. except on Friday.  The actual date for this phase is forthcoming. Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up will not be impacted.
  • Footings excavation and ledge removal from east corner of the field house to the north east corner of the field house so that foundations​​ can be set and ready for arrival of building components.
  • Setting of foundations will start on January 27 barring inclement weather delays.

January 3

Construction work on campus includes:

  • Connect temporary power and data to job site trailer.
  • Start clearing topsoil along the new driveway to Concord Avenue.
  • Continue excavation work for building footings along the tennis court side.
  • Due to extreme cold weather, the work on the sewer line and installation of sewer manhole #2 to bring the line into the construction site fence perimeter has been paused and will resume when temperatures improve.

December 14

The following will take place on campus during the school's winter break, December 15 to January 1:

  • Install temporary power and data lines from the middle school to the location of the Shawmut trailer.
  • Stripping, stumping and grubbing the site of the new building.
  • Salvaging the rocks from the existing stone wall for later reuse.
  • Install tree protection as per plan.
  • Remove topsoil and store for later use at building footprint and expose ledge.
  • Start footings excavation.
  • Start site lighting duct bank.
  • Set electrical duct bank for main feeders.

December 8

Changes to Parking and Traffic Flow on Campus

The construction team has made good progress since we started just two short weeks ago. With this also comes a new traffic pattern for our campus that will be in effect Monday, December 11 and will stay in effect for the duration of the project. Please refer to the traffic plan and download and print for future reference or to share with family members or child care providers who may provide transportation for students.

  • Parents and drivers, if you plan to come in to school during drop-off or dismissal, please only use the parking lots. The roadway in front of Coolidge Hall and the Coolidge Cottage (development office) is no longer for parking at any time.
  • To also help us promote a greener and safer environment for our students and the community, we respectfully ask you do not leave your vehicle idling.

Next week:

  • Excavation will begin at the Barn footprint including stumping and grubbing the top soil to expose any ledge.
  • Completion of the contractor parking lot on Far Field. Trucks will continue to deliver dense grade throughout the week.
  • Sewer installation continues.
  • Site fencing continues; tree protection fencing may also start.

December 4

Tree clearing begins today. We have identified the 12 trees to be protected in accordance with the planning board review process.

This week:

  • Trench work continues and includes drilling and hammering to remove an 8-foot wide piece of ledge for the installation of the first of 3 sewer structures. The work will cross the paved path to the recreation area and into the walkway circle.
  • Archery Field conversion to a parking area will continue all week; with one day of rain forecasted, the work may continue into next week.
  • Perimeter fencing setup continues.

December 1

The construction team spent this morning scraping the Archery Field as part of its conversion into a temporary parking area.

November 27

Construction began today with digging for the utilities trench running along the back of the lower school building. The FE French Company is performing the excavation work.

November 20

On Friday, November 24 a crew will prune low-hanging branches on trees along Day School Lane so that construction vehicles and trucks can pass freely.

November 17 - Fencing and Erosion Control Installation

Belmont Day today received notice from the Town of Belmont that a building permit has been issued and authorization to install the building site fencing and erosion control materials has been granted. We expect this work to begin on Monday, November 20.

October 27 - Meet the Shawmut Leadership Team

Shawmut Design and Construction is preparing for the issuance of the building permit. Shawmut personnel will begin to be on campus regularly. We would like to introduce you to Shawmut’s leadership team comprised of Oneil Phatak, project executive; Glen Ryan, senior project manager, and Joe Lombardi project superintendent. 

Oneil Phatak has more than 16 years in the construction industry, with 14 of those years at Shawmut. He holds a B.S. in architecture from the University of Mumbai and a M.S. in construction management from Texas A&M University. Oneil most recently was involved with the Academic Inquiry Center and Baker Science Building renovation at Noble and Greenough School. He has overseen a long list of construction projects at Harvard and MIT including Harvard's Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab. Renovation projects including BioLabs building renewal, Biology Building Growth Chamber, Losos/Hoekstra Laboratory, Cabot Science Library, Hunter Laboratory, Engert Lab, Kunes Francis Lab and the Great Dome and Barker Library Rotunda are among Oneil's numerous other projects. 

Glen Ryan will be responsible for the daily oversight of our field and office team. He will manage all the business aspects of the pre-construction and construction phases, including budgeting, value engineering, contracts, scheduling, logistics, pricing, and implementation. Glen is a graduate of Bowdoin College with an A.B. in classics. He joined Shawmut 10 years ago. He left Shawmut five years ago for Roxbury Latin School where he oversaw or participated in a number of projects including the campus master plan, construction of the indoor athletics facility, McNay Wrestling Palaistra, Tennis in the Woods facility, along with renovations to create a choral room and the I.D.E.A. (Invention, Design, Engineering and Arts) Lab. Glen recently rejoined Shawmut in time for the BDS project. 

Joe Lombardi will be our full-time site supervisor of all trades during construction. He will work with the project managers and engineers to implement the schedule, manage the support field staff, ensure all field operations are on-schedule, and correspond with the quality assurance/quality control programs established for the project. Joe attended Curry College and ITT Tech and has significant construction experience in academic settings. Joe worked with Oneil on the Noble and Greenough Academic Inquiry Center and Baker Science renovation projects. Additionally, Joe was Shawmut's superintendent for the Providence College renovation of Davis and Raymond Halls. He worked two projects at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), including the Materials Library renovation and Illustration Studies Building renovation. Locally, Joe was a leader for Harvard's Science Center Plaza project and the Cronkhite Graduate Center Renovation.

September 25 - Neighbor Meetings Announced

Belmont Day will host the following neighbor receptions for the community fo receive updates about the Barn and driveway project. Reply requested to Assistant to the Head Neelangi Gunasekera at Head of School Brendan Largay is available to answer questions at

Monday, December 4, 6:30 p.m.
Monday, February 26, 6:30 p.m.
Monday, May 6, 6:30 p.m.

September 8 - Planning Board Approves Site Plan

Six months since Belmont Day School’s initial application was submitted to the town for site plan review, the Barn project and driveway were approved by the Town of Belmont’s Planning Board by a 3-1 vote on August 31. This is a huge milestone for the future of Belmont Day and it simply wouldn't have happened without the dedicated effort, energy, and positive support of our community. Thank you for your positive thoughts, and a particular thanks to those folks who were able to attend any of the planning board hearings along the way in support of the school.

There is more to come in the process, and the weekly Scoop will be a great place to look for updates about the project—including timelines—as they unfold. In the meantime, Director of Operations Corrado Paramithiotti, is available to answer questions. He can be reached at

Thank you again for your support as our vision for this exciting new athletic and academic space for our students takes shape.