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Arts News, October 25

Character, Concept Shine in Costume Design

In the seventh and eighth grade arts elective, Costume Design, the students were asked: How do designers communicate a concept, idea, or perspective to the audience using the elements of design?

Arts News, October 18

Third Grade and Guests Make Silkscreen Prints

Third grade students are making silkscreen prints in the studio, and today they were lucky to have the opportunity to teach their special visitors about the process in art class. As the grandparents and special friends found out, teamwork is an integral part of this work. Many thanks to our guests for joining in to create prints with the third grade printmakers!

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Arts News, October 10

Exploring the Fiber Arts

Students in the grades 7 and 8 arts electives, "Fiber Explosion" are working with different materials to explore macrame, knitting, felting, and crotchet techniques. This week, students were finishing their exploration of wool fibers to create felt. They learned about both wet felting (using water, soap, and agitation) and then added patterns and shapes with needles, a technique called "needle felting."