Welcome from Lower School Head

Nurturing the Inquisitive Mind

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive. The original “tinkerers,” children are naturally drawn to create, investigate, explore, and discover. Lower school teachers at Belmont Day tap into this endless supply of energy and lead children into purposeful explorations of literacy, math, science, history, and the arts.

The bedrock that supports the learning in lower school is Belmont Day’s six core values—honesty, caring, joy, responsibility, respect, and excellence. These core values are the guiding principles that define our community and help us to create a unified and thriving culture. 

Lower school teachers exhibit mastery of child-centered, research-based best practices. Continual professional development and opportunities for professional learning communities provide teachers with supported pathways to hone their practice. All lower school students are under the guidance of multiple nurturing adults. Experts in child development, our teachers understand the age-appropriate balance of a rigorous curriculum and a nurturing, safe environment. Teachers understand the key is a community that values risk-taking and emboldens courageous learning which can only happen when each child is known, seen, and recognized as a contributing individual of their class. 

Our teaching community has developed an engaging and thoughtful curriculum where foundational skills are explicitly taught and applied. Units and lessons are crafted to celebrate and explore student passions while building the essential base of skills and habits of mind needed for later learning. Students have opportunities to safely explore and demonstrate their learning individually and in collaborative groups. Our learners understand the importance of grit, practice, and a growth mindset.

We welcome you to our dynamic and joyful lower school world. 

Minna Ham
Lower School Head