Middle School Students Explore International Issues

Jennifer Friborg, Model UN Coordinator
November 30th, 2018

On Saturday, November 17, eleven middle school students participated in a Model UN conference at Northeastern University. The conference started with a short message from Summer Marion, a doctoral candidate specializing in global governance. Marion highlighted two key qualities of Model UN delegates: curiosity and dedication to improving the world. She encouraged attendees to remember that they can't make policy before asking the right questions.

Along with more than 600 of their peers from across New England, our students broke into committee groups and worked on finding solutions to international issues, including increasing access to renewable energy, preserving water sources, child soldiers, cyber crime and state security in Afghanistan. They were engaged and lively, and we were proud to be able to attend this important conference and further develop their skills as world citizens.

Participants were sixth graders Bree Legrand, Noah Brauner, Henry Buckley-Jones, Margo Klug, Chris McEvoy, Jake Walsh, Ellora Roy, Lucy Myers, Cameron Colbert and seventh graders Lauren Kopperl and Miranda Harlow.