Grade 8 Science

The eighth grade science program is a course in introductory physical science that includes a focus on basic chemistry. In addition, students complete the topics of meiosis and genetics. They use the scientific method as a valuable tool for posing important questions, creating hypotheses, and improving observation skills. They hone their abilities to collect, organize, and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data as well as determine appropriate conclusions by conducting more complex laboratory experiments. Students develop their ability to communicate scientific ideas both orally and in written form using appropriate terminology.

Topics of study:

  • Cell division: meiosis
  • Genetics and DNA
  • Lab safety and equipment
  • Properties of matter
  • The periodic table
  • Properties of elements
  • Atomic structure and bonding
  • Chemical reactions

Eighth grade students will:

  • understand the concepts of basic genetics and heredity
  • appreciate the intersection with mathematics through using scientific notation, metric measurement, significant digits, and solving equations
  • be introduced to the particle theory of matter
  • observe changes in the states of matter and analyze changes in temperature, mass, and weight
  • appreciate the genesis, organization, and utility of the periodic table
  • construct formal lab reports
  • understand the combination of elements to make compounds through ionic and covalent bonding
  • balance equations 
  • work safely and effectively in a laboratory setting