Grade 8 Arts

Seventh and eighth grade students are invited to make choices about what artistic areas they would like to explore and will experience opportunities to experiment across the domains. They choose from among nearly 30 elective arts courses in music, theater arts, technology, visual art, and woodworking, offered during four eight-week sessions throughout the year. At the end of each session students gather to share their completed pieces and reflect on the artistic process. Seventh and eighth grade students who are passionate about theater arts present a play each spring.

Arts electives vary from year to year. A sampling of recent options includes: Acapella, Drawing Explorations, Painting Explorations, Books as Art, Architecture in Clay, Kinetic Sculpture, Sewing and Fashion Design, Film, Game Programming, Mobiles, Pottery Wheel, Digital Photography, Digital Soundscapes, Comedy Through the Ages, Fiber Explosion, Global Goals Intensive, Latinos Making Music in the U.S., Improv, A Half-Cubic Foot of Wood, Print Shop Processes, Costume Design, Collage, Composer's Forum, Hip-Hop Artists and Their Legacy, Public Speaking, Ukelele 101, Wooden Mechanical Mechanisms, Build a Table, Carving, Clock-making, Telling Our Stories, Shakespeare, Advanced Acting, Makeup Design, Prop Creation, Musical Intensive.

Eighth grade students will:

  • Design and create projects and activities determined by the particular course
  • Use various references for project and performance ideas
  • Incorporate planning for ideas and designs for projects and modify as needed
  • Recognize and use various materials, tools, and musical instruments appropriately
  • Explore and refine advanced techniques according to the individual's abilities
  • Recognize, develop, and use an appropriate art and music vocabulary
  • Develop an understanding of the work of various artists, musicians, composers, and cultures
  • Perform and compose based on their understanding of musical concept, instrumental technique, and genre
  • Collaborate with others to create a collectively satisfying studio and performance experience