Grade 3 Theater Arts

In third grade theater arts classes, students build on the fundamental skills of theatricality they acquired in second grade. Students begin to concentrate on more advanced public speaking skills such as intonation, volume control, and eye contact. Having become proficient at speaking with handheld microphones, they now concentrate on techniques for performing with shotgun microphones and cardioid hanging microphones. Through the use of drama games, creative movement, choreography, puppetry, poetry, and theatrical critique, students continue to expand upon their performing arts skills. In addition, early in the fall trimester students participate in the third grade musical production. They are tasked with learning lines and lyrics, acquiring choreographic moves, and helping with the creation of costumes and sets.

Our third grade students will:

  • begin to memorize and perform longer and more substantial scripts
  • become proficient at participating in and learning from theatrical productions
  • further expand their theatrical vocabulary
  • utilize physical expression techniques (with focus on Japanese Noh methodology)
  • act out Shakespearean death scenes to gain an appreciation for and understanding of William Shakespeare’s work
  • build upon previously learned improvisation skills to create and perform dramatic events & characters
  • continue to build their confidence as an orator and presenter