Grade 2 Information Literacy and Technology

In second grade, the librarian works closely with the classroom teachers to familiarize students with a variety of research tools and databases available to them both at school and at home. Skill-based information literacy lessons introduce the students to the research process as well as particular databases. The students begin to use these tools when learning about a change-maker as well as during their in-depth research project on endangered species. Second graders discuss books ranging from trickster tales to the recipients of literary awards during their weekly visit the library when they also have an opportunity to borrow books to take home.

Our second grade students will:

  • gather information from several sources
  • find, organize, and present information based on research
  • navigate online research tools and understand that we use different tools for different purposes
  • understand that there are awards for quality literature
  • appreciate the different uses of humor in stories
  • extract and communicate the meaning of text and illustrations in picture books, both fiction and nonfiction
  • follow process for library checkout and return
  • identify common patterns and themes in fables, folktales, and fairytales
  • locate and select fiction and nonfiction resources with help
  • make connections with the elements of a story—plot, main characters, and setting
  • navigate a table of contents and index
  • restate main idea and important facts from a text heard or read
  • select and use books for recreational reading and information
  • use key word skills in note taking, skimming, and print/online