Education: Wellesley College, B.S.
Joined Belmont Day: 2007

Three Thoughts:
My Capstone Project would be about... the chakra points in the body and the movement of energy through them to stimulate health and well-being.

What I love most about Belmont Day is... the people who work here. They are among some of the warmest and most caring people I have ever worked with. I also love Belmont Day's commitment to teaching the whole child and to always looking at ways to improve.

Business Manager

Education: Boston College, B.S.
Joined Belmont Day: 2010
Community Activities: Community Service, School Liaison to Finance and Audit Committees
Recent Professional Development: National Business Officers Association Annual Meeting

Three Thoughts:
My Capstone Project would be... A Parents Role in their Children's Sports.

A Belmont Day student is... one with strong character and eager to make a mark/difference in the world.