Cate Rutland

Cate Ruland

Associate Teacher

Cate is excited to be a part of the associate teacher program for the 2022-2023 school year while she pursues a master’s degree in elementary education. Cate grew up in Wayland and graduated from Trinity College with a bachelor of arts degree in economics. Cate’s love for teaching children started at a young age when she began tutoring children of South Sudanese refugees as a middle school student. Then, she worked as a summer camp counselor throughout high school and college. For the past two years, Cate has worked as a pre-kindergarten assistant teacher at the Apple Orchard School in Brookline. At Apple Orchard, Cate taught in an outdoor, nature-based environment, and she looks forward to bringing this experience into the classroom. Cate lives in South Boston and enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, being active outdoors, and catching up with friends in her free time.

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