Pre-kindergarten Curriculum

Children who enter pre-kindergarten at Belmont Day are welcomed into a vibrant learning community from a wide range of experiences. A central goal of the curriculum is to create a sense of unity, belonging and importance among these children who are our newest members. The program allows children the opportunity to actively contribute, explore and discover within a developmentally-based integrated curriculum. The foundation is informed by four questions: Who am I? Who are you? (and) Who are we? and Where are we?

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

A new community

French once a week for 30 minutes

Eighth grade cross-graded partners

Music twice a week for 30 minutes

Active participation in school-wide sharing assemblies

Physical education twice a week for 30 minutes

Woods walks

Library once a week for 30 minutes

School garden


Work stations


Sculpture unit in conjunction with the deCordova Museum


Book making


Big Blue, tricycles, and outdoor play


Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten field day run by eighth graders