Kindergarten Curriculum

The kindergarten classroom is a busy and joyful place. The full-day program is developmentally based with a curriculum designed to encourage children to delve deeper into subjects, extend their time on task, and continue to solidify their academic and social skills. Activities and materials provide opportunities for the children to learn about (and from) the world, to organize information, and to solve problems. Investigations and projects allow the children to work both on their own and in small groups. Students practice working cooperatively with others, communicating their needs and ideas, and becoming valued members and contributors to the community. The day is structured to emphasize a balance of creative play and development of foundational skills.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Community helpers

French once a week for 30 minutes

Life cycles of various organisms (plants, butterflies, chicks)

Art studio once a week for 30 minutes

Academic centers

Music twice a week for 30 minutes


Physical education three times a week for 30 minutes

The BDS Garden

Library once a week for 30 minutes

Listening centers