Grade 8 World Language

The middle school world language program develops general language skills, intellectual discipline, and the vocabulary, grammar, and basics that allow students to continue language studies at an advanced level in high school. We support the development of our students as citizens in the diverse community of Belmont Day and in the world. Exposure to broad cultural experiences nurtures curiosity and joy.

The final year of the middle school French and Spanish program is taught almost exclusively in the target language. Students use the second text in the series Discovering French and Avancemos. The students learn through varied experiences including projects, interviews, videotaping, using auxiliary technology, presentations, research, pen pals, partner and small group work, and games. The curriculum generally prepares students to take French II or Spanish II in high school.   

Eighth grade students will:

  • learn to understand, speak, read, and write in French or Spanish on an expanding number of topics
  • continue to expand grammar concepts
  • become more independent in their language learning through the use of class notes, the text, and resources outside the classroom (dictionaries, online resources, internet research, etc.)
  • develop good study habits, including effective vocabulary acquisition, note-taking, and using a language textbook
  • increase awareness and appreciation of cultural practices in French or Spanish speaking countries
  • become aware of cultural bias when reviewing materials and information

During the sixth through eighth grade program, topics of study may include:

  • family
  • food
  • weather
  • likes/dislikes
  • geography
  • descriptions
  • hobbies and sports
  • clothing
  • travel
  • cars
  • poetry
  • house
  • towns
  • weekend and vacation activities

During the sixth through eighth grade program, the development of grammar includes:​

  • sentence structure
  • verb conjugation
  • adverbs and adjectives
  • pronouns (subject, object, reflexive)
  • prepositions
  • questions
  • negation
  • present, past, and future tense