Grade 8 Curriculum

Eighth grade is the culminating year at Belmont Day when students are poised to be school leaders and where they are given an opportunity to consolidate all that they have learned. The focus is on critical thinking and abstract reasoning, while ensuring that there is a core of firm foundational skills. Eighth graders participate in Capstone, a program supported by the entire school, where students learn how to effectively research, investigate, and share information about a unique topic that interests them. They are mentors (and rock stars!) to their pre-kindergarten cross-graded partners. They captain our teams, take leads in our musical, and make choices about their arts electives. They travel to Washington DC. They participate in clubs like Model U.N., Roots and Shoots, or SAFE (Student Ambassadors for Equity). They come to know themselves as learners and are invited to consider the variables that best support themselves. They manage their own academics by effectively using Resource Time, when all teachers are free for support, questions, corrections or enrichment. They write speeches for their graduation and three students are invited to deliver them.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time


World language four times a week for 50 minutes

Arts electives

Arts electives four times a week for 60 minutes
(music, visual art, performing arts, woodworking, and technology)

Seventh and eighth grade play

Athletics four times a week for 90 minutes

Interscholastic athletics program

Clubs, advisory, and resource time

Advisor program


Pre-kindergarten buddies


Washington, DC trip