Grade 7 Curriculum

Seventh graders are explorers. They are exploring what it means to be a learner and an adolescent in a critical time in their development. They are broadening their ability to think critically and analytically from multiple perspectives, and this ability is nurtured through a curriculum that provides students with creative and challenging projects and experiences. The program incorporates direct instruction with opportunities for active discussion, in-depth research, and skillful presentation. New tools such as Chromebooks and Resource Period facilitate the students’ move to the development of academic independence and self-advocacy as they move one step closer to high school. The students are challenged to take on leadership roles, be contributing members to the community, and to participate in a variety of creative experiences.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Design innovation

World language four times a week for 50 minutes

Arts electives

Arts electives four times a week for 60 minutes
(music, visual art, theater arts, woodworking, and technology)

Seventh and eighth grade play

Athletics four times a week for 90 minutes

Interscholastic athletics program

Clubs, advisory, and resource time

Advisor program


Third grade buddies


Cardigan Mountain trip