Grade 6 Music

Music is particularly important at the sixth grade level where composition and song support the social studies work in the exploration of freedom and justice and are learned to punctuate the Freedom Night performance. During regular class time, students explore engaging month-long units so that students have exposure to music theory, a wide body of songs, various instruments, improvisation, and music reading. All students participate in the highly anticipated December concert. Handbells, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments are available during instructional time during specific units. Rounds, group and solo singing, rhythmic activities, and different musical genres are also part of the curriculum. Over the past two years classroom topics have included campfire and playground songs, and these themes will continue to change each year to reflect fresh creativity and relevance. 

Sixth grade students will:

  • gain an understanding, appreciation, and love of music
  • understand and embody the importance of a steady pulse, including different tempos
  • learn about pitch differentiation
  • participate in note reading activities
  • develop a sense of movement, form (AB), and rhythm
  • explore a variety of composers and types of music, especially folk and those songs connected to social justice activism
  • listen appreciatively and knowledgeably to musical selections