Grade 6 Curriculum

Sixth grade is a remarkable time when students enter the realm of abstract thinking, where empathy is enhanced through exposure to important mature topics of social justice, and where students spend their last year being advised primarily by their homeroom teachers. They participate in a robust arts program, have the opportunity to try out to participate in interscholastic athletics teams with older students, and they spend their first year in a more immersive language program. In the fall, sixth graders go off for their first extended overnight trip to the Farm School in Athol, Massachusetts, where they learn to work hard as a community and come to appreciate where food comes from. And in the spring, they write and perform a dramatization of the seminal events in civil rights history, create their own projects rooted in social justice and equity, and learn how music both showcases and complements social movements. Over the course of this important year of adolescence, students grow intellectually as well as physically, and are guided by teachers who appreciate the complexity, challenges, and enchanting opportunities of this age group. 

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Freedom Night

World language three times a week for 50 minutes

Kindergarten buddies

Arts four times a week for 50 minutes
(music, visual art, theater arts, and woodworking and 21st century skills)

Astronomy Night

Athletics four times a week for 60 minutes

Solar cars


UNICEF fundraiser