Grade 5 Music

Fifth grade music follows a course of thematic units. Past units have included such themes as Rest Time, Campfire Songs, Playground Songs, Broadway, and Bolero. In fifth grade students will explore elements of both vocal and instrumental music through a variety of activities from games to instrument play and direct instruction. Students learn and rehearse choral music both in preparation for the Winter concert and for the fifth grade play in February. Fifth graders also study movements in music history, sometimes including folk and jazz music as well as the Romantic Period. They learn elements of rhythm, and at the heart of every class is a core period of group and solo singing. Students experiment with instruments such as the keyboard and the drums as well.

Our fifth grade students will: 

  • understand the importance of a steady pulse including different tempos
  • participate in note reading activities at each individual's level
  • be able to differentiate pitch 
  • develop a sense of movement, form (AB) and rhythm
  • solidify note reading skills
  • begin to sing in three-part harmony continue to improve rhythm skills
  • sing rounds, partner songs, and two-part harmony
  • develop listening skills