Grade 5 Curriculum

Fifth grade is the final year in the lower school at Belmont Day and is an exciting time for growth and development for students. Students at this age put tremendous physical, emotional, and cognitive energy into all that they do. This is a time for discovering and exploring interests and passions as well as for developing a growing independence and sense of self. The fifth grade program helps students meet increasing academic demands by providing explicit teaching of skills that enable students to organize information, set priorities, and develop strategies for reaching their academic goals—preparing them well for middle school.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Fifth grade play

World language twice a week for 50 minutes

Second grade buddies

Arts four times a week for 50 minutes
(music, visual art, theater arts, and woodworking and 21st century skills)

Prosthetic arm project

Physical education four times a week for 50 minutes

The Mind That's Mine


Systems of the body


Winter clothing drive leadership


Field Lab: Museum of Science’s Hall of Life