Grade 4 Curriculum

Fourth grade is a year of exciting intellectual progress. Students begin to read with a higher level of fluency and expression. They expand their ability to utilize vocabulary and apply grammar skills and comprehension strategies. Their writing becomes more detailed and dense, their subject matter more intellectual, abstract, and conceptual. Research is more extensive and technological and culminates in written and oral presentations about an in-depth study of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Students focus on complex logic problems and strengthen their math skills. Fourth graders internalize the importance of practice, attention to detail, good organization, and responsible note taking. They savor performances of all sorts, including their class play. Fourth grade learning activities encourage increased independence in our students, providing a strong foundation for entry into middle school.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Greek Festival

French twice a week for 45 minutes

Pyramid Project

Art studio once a week for 45 minutes

Reading Greek myths and The Odyssey

Music once a week for 45 minutes

Superhero stories

Performing arts once a week for 45 minutes

First grade partners

Woodworking once a week for 45 minutes

Mummifying Cornish hens

Physical education twice a week for 45 minutes

Plant cultivation and sale

Library once a week for 45 minutes