Grade 4 Music

Music class units in fourth grade have included learning various songs, preparing for the December concert, and working with keyboards, rhythm, guitars, and recorders. The heart of all classes includes a core period of group and solo singing. Students sing and play on the Orff instruments. The fourth grade continues to practice the recorder along with other instruments. In preparation for the December concert the class rehearses their performance, singing both pieces in two-part harmony. Rhythmic activities have been based on the "cup game" utilizing spoons, drum sticks, cups, and clapping. The guitars and recorders unit is a hands-on introduction to the instruments with plenty of class practice and exploration.

Our fourth grade students will:

  • learn additional treble and bass clef notation
  • explore more complex rhythmic meters
  • study the music from Greece
  • be exposed to classical music and master composers
  • learn several folk dances
  • learn to sing rounds, partner songs, and two-part harmony
  • study second year recorder
  • perform in the December concert
  • perform solos and in ensembles
  • develop listening skills