Grade 3 Music

Music class units in the third grade have included preparing for the play, the December Concert, and instruction in music structure. The heart of all classes includes a core period of group and solo singing. Students sing and play on the Orff instruments. The third grade also practice singing and instrumental songs for their class play. In preparation for the December concert the class rehearses their performance, singing pieces in two-part harmony.

The third grade violin or cello class is a four-month introductory program designed to give students an opportunity to learn to play the violin or the cello. The objective is to expose the children to beginner techniques of playing such as proper playing position, elementary bow hold, bow placement and direction, note reading on the A and D strings, rhythm and meter. Students are also taught proper rehearsal and concert etiquette.

Our third grade students:

  • gain an understanding, appreciation, and love of music
  • read more complex rhythmic notation such as sixteenth notes, dotted quarter notes, and eighth rests
  • identify and appreciate music from China
  • play beginning recorder and beginning violin or cello
  • sing with partners and classmates 
  • are introduced to and then review bass clef notation
  • learn more complex rhythmic notation
  • participate in rounds and partner songs
  • develop listening skills