Grade 3 Curriculum

Third grade is an exciting time for growth and development for students. They continue to gain skills and confidence working independently and taking on more in-depth concepts and projects. Third graders have opportunities to explore and organize information, research topics and present information in a variety of forms. The third grade program builds on the skills and knowledge children have learned in preceding years and encourages critical thinking, creativity and respect for self and others. They perform the first class play of the year, march in the parade of states, engage in community service, and participate in Friendship Group lunches.

Program Highlights

Specialist Time

Class play

French twice a week for 45 minutes

Buddies with seventh grade

Art studio once a week for 45 minutes

Person of the Week

Music once a week for 45 minutes

Sharing Days

Theater arts once a week for 45 minutes

Character Can

Woodworking once a week for 45 minutes

Women's studies

Physical education three times a week for 45 minutes

State Project and Fair

Library once a week for 45 minutes