Grade 2 Music

The second grade music program is organized into units that introduce students to specific skills such as beat, dance, note reading, performance, musical styles, the role of the conductor, and singing alone and with others. The heart of all music classes includes a core period of group and solo singing. The units and class time also allow students to explore their natural curiosity and love of music. 

Our second grade students will:

  • develop a sense of pitch, a sense of rhythm, motor skills and coordination, and listening skills
  • play or clap rhythmic pattern notation (using beginning notation such as quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, half notes, and whole notes)
  • appreciate several master composers’ works
  • use rhythmic instruments and begin using melody instruments to accompany songs
  • continue to improve singing skills and begin to sing rounds
  • study music from various cultures
  • read treble staff notation
  • learn folk dances
  • perform music for the class play and all-school December concert
  • participate as a soloist and/or as part of an ensemble
  • hone listening skills