Grade 1 Curriculum

In first grade, the curriculum continues to be integrated; academics and the arts are combined to explore themes and skills. The curriculum is designed to build on early literacy and math skills and to expand students' knowledge of the larger community. The developmentally appropriate activities extend students' individual abilities through small and large group work. Students become more independent and experience lunch in Coolidge Hall, participate in a book bag program, participate in the first through seventh grade Field Day, learn in the woodworking studio, and perform in a play, all for the first time. 

Program Highlights

Specialist Time


French once a week for 30 minutes

Grades 1 and 2 Class Play

Art studio once a week for 45 minutes

Book Bag program

Music once a week for 30 minutes

Earth Week

Theater arts once a week for 30 minutes

eBook publishing

Woodworking once a week for 45 minutes

Native American studies

Physical education three times a week for 30 minutes

Lunch in the lunchroom

Library once a week for 30 minutes

Weather forecasts


Field trip to Ecotarium


100th Day of School celebration