Placement and Support

Be hired.

The Belmont Day School Associate Teacher Program has trained more than 80 committed and passionate teachers since it began in 1992. Program graduates are uniquely prepared for teaching positions in public, charter, and independent schools, and our associates are sought out and hired by a variety of wonderful academic institutions. Our associate teachers have gone on to become outstanding educators who consistently make a difference in and impact on the lives of students across the country. 

Be supported. Be employable.

A multitude of support is provided to associate teachers as they engage in job searches. 

Beginning in the fall, Belmont Day encourage associates to participate in all available opportunities, including job fairs and on-campus recruiting events at Lesley University. The program coordinator provides guidance in preparing personal statements, gathering documentation, and submitting materials via digital platforms.

In January, during the interim between university semesters, associates receive intensive instruction and guidance in preparing their professional portfolios. Resume writing and editing sessions as well as the writing of personal statements are among the activities that occur during this process.

As the spring progresses, the program coordinator and head of school work closely with each associate to support applications, interviews, school visits, and recommendations. Associates are given generous time off to visit schools and attend job fairs.