Head of School

Message from the Head, September 19

CLUBS: Children Learning Unusual Bunches of Skills

One of the most engaging ways to encourage investment is choice. Another is to introduce a possible new interest or extend a prior one in a risk-free environment. A third is to nurture relationships with adults who can be added to the list of people who can serve as resources when needed. 

Message from the Head, September 5

Welcome to a New School Year

In many jobs, each day is similar to the one that precedes it, building slowly on prior experiences. In schools we have definitive cycles. We have the unusual opportunity of having fresh starts and fresh beginnings. Rooms are scoured and rearranged, curriculum is overhauled and revamped, new name tags adorn folders and cubbies, packages are unwrapped, new furniture is immaculate, bulletin boards are crisp. We could not be more excited.