Community Service

Roots & Shoots Bake Sale a Huge Success!

The Belmont Day School Roots and Shoots club, a middle school club that helps support charities and communities around the world, recently held a bake sale at Friday Night Lights. The members of the club and some faculty members baked sweets to sell. Students sold baked goods and ended the evening with a grand total of… $700.00 exactly! The money will be donated to the MSPCA, an organization trying to help prevent animal cruelty. Thank you to everyone in the Belmont Day community who supported our bake sale and the MSPCA! 

Environmental Family Community Service

A collection of 20 Belmont Day students, parents, and faculty volunteered at Gaining Ground in Concord, an organic farm that donates all of its produce for hunger relief. Beets, carrots, and leeks were harvested, sorted, washed, and packed for transport. The asparagus patch was cut down and cleared, and other garden beds were weeded and raked. Heirloom pinto beans and black beans were shelled and sorted.