Associates pay separate tuition to Belmont Day and Lesley University. Lesley offers financial aid and loans to those who qualify. Use the links on this page for Lesley’s financial aid office and information.

Belmont Day Associate Teacher Program tuition: $6,000 for 2020-2021 covering the cost of practicum, coursework, mentorship, and supervision.

Teacher Training Fellowship

A fellowship covering the full cost of the Belmont Day program tuition ($6,000) will be awarded to an associate teacher of color who demonstrates excellence and a strong commitment to working in the classroom. To apply for the fellowship, contact Heather Woodcock, Director of the Teacher Training Program at 617-932-3940.

Lesley University/Belmont Day School Collaborative Masters Program Tuition: $22,000-$28,000 for 2020-2021 depending on licensure area. This tuition is paid directly to Lesley University. Please note that Lesley University has its own policies and application deadlines for financial aid. For Lesley-related questions and information about Lesley's financial aid opportunities, policies, and deadlines, visit the website or call 617-349-8581.

Special Opportunity for Lesley Graduates

If you earned your bachelor’s degree at Lesley, you’re eligible to get 12 free credits toward a Lesley University master’s degree. At $625 to $1,100 credit, that’s a tremendous tuition savings of $7,500 to $13,200.​ ​The award is applied to your tuition over two semesters. You’ll get six credits of free tuition in your first semester, and six free credits in your last semester of graduate study. You can even use the credit toward an already-discounted dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program. To apply the credit to your bill, you'll need to fill out this form.