Isabel Moore ’16 Returns for Practicum in Education

Isabel Moore ’16 joined fourth grade teacher Lana Holman for a monthlong practicum as part of her studies at Colby College. This pre-teaching experience is the first step in observing teaching and learning in action, from designing inclusive lesson plans and organizing curriculum to classroom management.

Her experiences at BDS informed Izzy’s decision to choose BDS for her practicum. She especially recalls the special sense of community and her teachers who created an individualized project-based learning experience that built foundational skills important to her success in high school and college.

“I vividly remember the projects and the opportunities to present or showcase our work to faculty or parents. We were practicing skills and learning all along, and only later realizing—we weren’t just making ancient Egyptian trading cards for fun—we were learning important research and organizational skills.”

We wish Izzy all the best and hope that she continues on the path to becoming an educator.

Alumna Isabel Moore works with two fourth graders in the Erskine Library
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